Discovering Human Genetic Disorders Data Among Different Ethnic Groups in Cyprus.


Near East University Genetic Mutation Database is publically available online collection of genetic mutation database of inherited disorders and polymorphism research data in North Cyprus population.

Our database is progressively essential tool for establishing the immense amount of biological data, and making it easier for researchers, clinicians, and young researchers to locate relevant information of complex diseases and disorders. Moreover our database will allow scientists to generate extraordinarily useful information such as allelic variation among population, and description of the genetic blueprint of mutations occurring in human beings. The rapid accumulation of mutation data in Near East University Centre of Excellence, Genetics and Cancer Diagnosis Research Centre has led to the idea of launching a genetic database for analyzing, storing and presenting it in a more effectual and orderly way. It aids researcher to track down the mutational disorders and to alter the life style of people suffering from genetic diseases in the North Cyprus population. This database will be the stepping stone for the researchers to pin point the genetic mutation and will help them to diagnose efficiently.


Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nedime Serakincı the chairperson of Centre of Excellence and the head of the Genetics and Cancer Diagnosis Research Centre and Dr. Mahmut Çerkez Ergören, our mission is to build an enormous database of hereditary disorders and polymorphism data in Cyprus locale.


To empower the researchers and clinicians with the tools to diagnose the genetic and hereditary disorders and to build a comprehensive mutation repository for molecular and clinical genetics, diagnostic testing and personalized genomic medicine.